Lending Periods & Limits

Borrower Information

All new patrons are limited to 5 checkouts at a time for 45 days. After that time, regular limits apply.

Adult patrons may borrow up to 50 items.

Juvenile/Young Adult patrons may borrow up to 30 items.

J/YA with no responsible party, 5 items (limited).


Lending Periods and Limits

NEW DVDs/Blu-Rays/4K 1 Week 3/Patron
NEW Music CDs 1 Week 3/Patron
NEW Video Games 3 Weeks 1/Patron
NEW Television Series 1 Week 1/Patron
Launchpads 1 Week 2/Patron
Regular Video Games           (with limitations) 3 Weeks 2/Patron
All other items 3 Weeks